Medical Marijuana


This past legislative session, the legislature passed a bill, signed by Governor Ivey, which permits the sale and distribution of “medical marijuana.” Referred to as the "Compassion Act,” this would more accurately be designated the “Bait and Switch Act.”


The legislation creates a distribution system where a "dispensary" or pot shop can be placed in towns across Alabama, and the law expressly says any cannabis card holder can have more than 60 doses of marijuana in possession at one time, including parents and their children. Under the current law, theoretically, an entire family can find an approved diagnosis and be cardholders, which is the perfect recipe for fraud and abuse. We must not permit medical marijuana to become a street drug under the guise of medicine.

Currently, there are four cannabis-based drugs already approved by the FDA, which any doctor can prescribe for people in need, even for off-label therapies. By supporting further research and development of cannabis-based drugs, we can compassionately help patients in need while protecting the public from the marijuana cartels.


This position maintains the integrity of evidenced-base medicine, supports the excellent doctors concerned about the effects of drug abuse, improves the educational outlook for Alabama children and stands with the excellent men and women of our judicial and law
enforcement system.

The following organizations and leaders have strongly urged the legislature and governor not to pass the medical marijuana legislation, including but not limited to:

Attorney General Steve Marshall 3
23 Alabama district attorneys 4  
Jeff Sessions, as Attorney General of the United States 5
Fraternal Order of Police, Alabama Chapter 6


Some Medical Organizations against Dispensary Marijuana are as follows:

Association for Addiction Professionals
American Academy of Neurology
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Heart Association
American Psychiatric Association
American Medical Association
International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)
American Cancer Society
American Lung Association
American Society of Addiction Medicine

We should repeal Alabama’s “medical marijuana” law and proceed with a plan that is open, honest and scientifically sound.