What Have We Done

The radical left has attempted to use the Covid crisis as a means of exercising more government control over our healthcare decisions, our children, and our workplaces. Our current Governor, Kay Ivey, is unwilling to protect Alabama’s children from mask mandates, and we must always put parents over government control.


As Governor, I will never tolerate unconstitutional mandates and shutdowns. Freedom and liberty must be preserved at all costs. Our children’s future is at stake, and I stand ready to fight back.

The Message: What have we done to our little ones? Shutdowns and masking have caused untold damage to our children. They've fallen behind. We're starting to see mental health issues. Parents, you've been right—the whole time. Governor Ivey could have stopped this by executive order. She refused. Masks are a parent’s choice. It's your decision. I'm Tim James. As Governor, I'll stop forced masking. It's time to fight back.