BIRMINGHAM, ALA. — The Tim James Campaign releases a new tv ad today that further exposes the cultural war taking place in Alabama. “Exploitation” calls into question the education and extracurricular activities students are receiving at Magic City Acceptance Academy. The ad highlights a recent drag queen show organized and performed by the faculty for the children at the Academy.


Magic City Acceptance Academy is a public charter school located in Birmingham and the first self-proclaimed LGBTQ-affirming public charter school in the South. The school was approved by Alabama Public Charter School Commission appointees of Governor Ivey and funded by $2 Million in the state budget. The buck stops with the governor. As governor, Tim James would have opposed the formation of this school and would have vetoed any budget that funded it.


The ad features images of the Magic City Acceptance Academy’s staff-organized drag queen show fundraiser.


The script of the new ad is as follows:

There's a war going on between common sense and crazy.

Transgender men, using girls bathrooms. Destroying women's sports.

A Supreme Court nominee who can't define a woman.

Now, here in Alabama, we charted the first transgender school in the South using millions of your tax dollars.

The Faculty put on a drag show for the children.

That's not education. It's exploitation.

It has got to stop. It's time to fight back.


Watch the new ad: