Tim James Statement on Kay Ivey’s Hosting the Trade Excellence Awards

BIRMINGHAM, ALA. — As I travel around the state and visit with businesses of every size, I can see there is a foreboding sense in every sector that something is wrong with our economy. Inflation is out of control. Prices are rising on everything. Workers are dropping out of the job market. International competition from businesses in countries that do not play by a fair set of rules are pressuring our own Alabama businesses. These factors have disproportionately affected our small businesses and our working families, many who are struggling to make ends meet.

We need an economy that is stronger for everyone. As governor, I will:

1. Lift our schools from near the bottom of the pack to be an example of national excellence.

2. Protect our businesses and working families from federal overreach.

3. Perform a top to bottom review of every government regulation to eliminate red tape.

4. Cut taxes by abolishing taxes on essential groceries and halting Kay Ivey’s automatically renewing tax on gasoline.

Moreover, I will protect Alabama and never cut a deal with the special interests to create another tax increase.

Governments do not create jobs. Entrepreneurs and businessmen and women do. The job of government is not to collect more taxes so they can hand out money and awards to a few. The job of government is to keep taxes low, regulation at a minimum, and create fairness and freedom for all.