GREENVILLE, ALA. — Today, Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James made the following statement on new Senate legislation crafted to expand gambling in Alabama:

“It is no secret that I am personally opposed to legalized gambling in Alabama. It is my observation that gambling harms our small businesses and working families by creating economic blight in the communities where it exists.

“We have a state government budget surplus of $1.5 billion, and our legislators continue to push for growing state government and increasing revenues. If legislators want to grow revenue, they could simply donate their own salaries and this year’s fat pay raise back to the state.

“This legislation also enables even more government corruption by eliminating the prohibition on campaign contributions from gambling operators. Underhanded tactics like these infuriate voters who see the legislative process subordinated to the greed and advantage of Montgomery's insider elites.

“As your next governor, I will do everything in my power to protect our citizens of every color, creed, and economic status from special interests that feed on their hard-earned taxpayer dollars."