Birmingham, Ala. — Today, the Tim James for Governor Campaign announced the leadership of their Healthcare Advisory Team. The initial list of the state steering committee is made up of respected physicians and healthcare providers who have been on the front lines of treating patients, including those that were impacted, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of them were outspokenly critical of Fauciism, the perverse use of public fear to abuse an unprecedented level of federal power.


“Dealing with the healthcare challenges of Covid was difficult at best,” said Tim James.


“Lives were lost, and many businesses had to close their doors forever. We still do not have clear answers about the role that the Chinese government played in this worldwide healthcare crisis and whether it was a result of a deliberate attack or simple incompetence.


What we do know is that Anthony Fauci abused his power and played politics with the fears of the American people. Governor Kay Ivey played right along with Fauci and blamed the unvaccinated people of Alabama instead of seeking the medical facts as did Governors DeSantis of Florida and Abbott of Texas. Specifically, Ivey stated: ‘It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated.’ Biden and Fauci both praised Ivey. I won’t make that mistake, and this team we are announcing today will continue to serve in a volunteer capacity after I am elected governor.”


James added: “Any federal or state mandate that violates individual freedom is unconstitutional and must be challenged by every elected official in the nation. Our citizens must also resist tyranny at every turn.”


The campaign will continue to add to this team, but initial members of the state leadership steering committee are as follows:


Dr. Stewart Tankersley, Co-Chairman

Dr. Jordan Vaughn, Co-Chairman

Dr. Teresa Allen

Dr. Calin Braicu

Dr. Beverly Bridges

Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. David Calderwood

Dr. Carlos Clark

Holly Cluck, CRNP

Dr. Diane Counce

Dr. Noah Gudel

Dr. Amy Hartsfield

Dr. Roger Kemp

Dr. Gaston Lorino

Dr. Barney Mcintire

Dr. Ryan McWhorter

Dr. Irma Palmer

Dr. Kenda Rigdon

Dr. Joseph Shepherd

Dr. Shannon Stinson

Dr. Johnnie Strickland

Dr. Katie Taylor

Dr. Philip Triantos

Dr. Michael Vaughn

Dr. David Williams

Dr. Kay Ellen Willoughby


Dr. Stewart Tankersley, one of the core organizers of this coalition, stated the following: “Given that he is not a career politician, Tim James’ convictions regarding governments’ proper roles are vitally important in order for us to escape the threat of death and fear that grips this state and country. In listening to hours of his public statements, as well as personal discussions, Tim’s perspectives and convictions seem genuine to us. Along with his commitment to faith and family, he seeks knowledge and understanding in making decisions – as any successful person in business should. Unlike career politicians whose ‘convictions’ turn out to be politically expedient, Mr. James is a decisive man who operates off of principle and convictions.


Our group of medical professionals support Tim James because of his commitment to seek logical and science-based courses of action that will seek to defeat viruses like Covid and regain the public’s trust in the medical profession. When we see a patient, that patient is essential in our eyes, not so according to the political elites who simply view some as non-essential workers. We encourage others to join us so that we can escape the failed demands by our ‘leaders’ that have done such extensive damage to our profession and state.”


Dr. Jordan Vaughn added: “During the pandemic, the federal government was more concerned about the survival rate of hospitals than they were patients. Tim James will put patients first.”