Birmingham, ALA. — Today, Mike Holmes (R-Wetumpka) announced that he is endorsing Tim James for Governor.


Holmes has served as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives for District 31, representing Elmore County, since 2014.


In his endorsement, Holmes said, "Over the past eight years, I have worked hard to serve the people of my House district with a strong focus on grassroots, conservative State Government. It has proven to be a constant ongoing battle for lower state taxes, less government control in our lives, and preservation of our God-given, and Constitutional rights. During this battle, I have learned the importance of strong leadership. I firmly believe that Tim James has proven that he is the best-equipped candidate in the race for Governor of Alabama.


"In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to discuss with Tim James the challenges and opportunities our great State is facing. He has provided me with straightforward and honest answers and a strong, thorough outline of his action plan to lead our state into a better tomorrow. Alabama is poised and ready... it's time to focus on our future.


"I am honored to endorse Tim James for Governor of the great State of Alabama!


"As a proven business leader, Tim will bring an understanding of business culture to State leadership. He understands the pressure of being a business owner.


"Tim understands that there are issues in education that go beyond money. Alabama has been consistently rated at the bottom in K-12 education. It's time to stop throwing money at this problem and make real changes, not excuses.


"Tim James will fight for our Christian values."


"It is an honor to receive the endorsement of a constitutional conservative like Mike Holmes, who has a proven voting record and a history of putting Alabama first,” states James.


Holmes was born and raised in South Alabama and educated in Alabama Public Schools. He graduated from Troy State University with a BS in Physical Science and Business Administration and did graduate work at Penn State and Harvard.


He started his career as a physics teacher and high school basketball coach, has worked in sales and sales management in the "Agri-business" field, and worked his way up the ladder to ultimately take over as CEO of two different small to medium agricultural corporations — each employing over 300 and with revenues, profitability, and shareholder value growing dramatically.


Holmes found himself exploring a long-time interest in Republican politics, and quickly learned that there was a need for Republican volunteers in his new home of Elmore County. After volunteering in an election year, Holmes was invited to seek election to the Elmore County Republican Executive committee (ECREC), then the State Executive Committee (SEC) for ALGOP. In 2013, at the age of 71, Holmes ran in the special election for the vacant D-31 Alabama House of Representatives seat, where he has now served for just over 8 years.


Holmes has achieved much-appreciated awards and recognition from both local and national sources for his staunch Conservative voting record. He believes in limited government, lower taxes, and strict protection of our freedom and individual rights as granted by God and as engrossed by our Federal and State Constitutions.